Hadi Ziaoddini was born in JorAbad district, Sanandaj, Iran, in 1956. His family is fond of poetry and theosophy. His father was a pious and virtuous man. He taught his children virtuous life and behavior. His mother was sympathetic to children’s manner and education in quite mercy and compassion. He started painting, before elementary school. It was after elementary school that, he took the first steps in sculpture .He learnt them both simultaneously, working hard with lots of pain and without any academic education
He entered Fine Arts faculty, Tehran university in 1977.His first noble and sympathetic professor, Hanibal Alkhas made him acquainted with the values of drawing. He taught him that passing the way of art is not possible but in working hard, hard, and hard. Maybe this is why he has been among the most studious painters and drawers of his land up to now for seventeen years, he was learning and educating simultaneously. It is his honor that he established the academic foundations of drawing, painting and sculpture in Kurdistan